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 I can't wait for you to become a fan of @torontotruffles.

 My name is Erin and I've been a chocoholic my whole life. I'm a certified event planner and work in both corporate and private events.  I'm also a certified food handler and have studied baking arts, pastry arts and chocolate confections.

@torontotruffles was born in the summer of 2020 and has been deliciously growing in popularity ever since (thank YOU!)
In addition to my obsession with event planning + eating baked goods, I am also thoroughly infatuated with creating fun, exciting experiences involving desserts (and wine). Truffles seem to pair with everything - so whether it be a wedding, dinner party, bachelorette, birthday gathering, fam jam or any other event that requires humans + food... let's connect! Customizing events is my super power.

I truly appreciate your support and business and hope you'll stick around and become lifelong truffle addicts.



XO erin


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